Scandi Hoops!

A couple of months ago I organised a super fun influencers event at one of my jobs – ALSO Home. The event was hosted in the super cool ALSO Home showroom in Rudgwick, West Sussex (if you haven’t come visit, DO IT!) and the gorgeous Felicity from LadyLissy Floristry was the expert. I had got in touch with Felicity a few weeks prior and soundboarded … Continue reading Scandi Hoops!


Two legendary celebrity photographers are united in their mutual affinity for Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” an exhibition showing at The Little Black Gallery in London¬†through February 27. The exhibit showcases some of the most iconic photos of Monroe, from Kirkland’s 1961 series, In Bed with Marilyn, featuring evocative images of Monroe wrapped in a sheet, to Greene’s Ballerina Awaiting Her Cue, which shows … Continue reading Marilyn

10 Reasons You Should Never Get A French Bulldog

No room to sleep If you own a Frenchie you will never get a good night sleep again. They love to be incredibly close, under the covers, and in the most awkward positions and not to mention the snoring, dreaming and farting during the night. They have no concern for your well-being, as long as they are having plenty of kip, that’s all they want. … Continue reading 10 Reasons You Should Never Get A French Bulldog

Birthday Haul

I love birthdays, especially mine, and I’m totally devastated that I have to wait another year to celebrate again. But you know, looking on the plus side there is always Christmas to look forward to. I had¬†the best day. Even though it was all planned the day before, it didn’t stop it from being great. Spending it with my best friends and family really was … Continue reading Birthday Haul

Advert for Autumn

A lot has happened since I was away. Mila Kunis and Eva Mendes popped out their¬†babies and the totally gorgeous Blake Lively announced she was expecting. Her baby shower pictures look pinterest perfect. For her baby shower Blake rounded up her nearest and dearest to head into the forest to wear plaid, eat cake and tie dye. October never looked this good. Thanks to her … Continue reading Advert for Autumn

[Jose Romussi]

  I stumbled across the work of Berlin-based ¬†Jose Romussi on pinterest yesterday and fell head over heels with his¬†collages. He takes a black and white photograph and embroiders over it in beautiful colours and patterns. Of his inspiration he says: “This starts with an image, that inspires me in certain way to do an embroidery that changes it into a ¬†new one. I am … Continue reading [Jose Romussi]

[Real Life Disney Princess]

Belle from Beauty and the Beast DISNEY PRINCESSES RE-IMAGINED AS ‘REAL LIFE’ WOMEN An artist has envisioned what the women of Disney might look like in real life and the result is beautiful. The series sees Belle, Aurora, Cinderella and many other Disney female heroines re-imagined as real humans through photo-manipulation and digital painting. Helinski-based artist and graphic designer Jirka V√§√§t√§inen began the series by … Continue reading [Real Life Disney Princess]