How to remain human as a new mum

Being a new mum is a daunting time. You’ve just had a baby, you need to keep this little dependent ‘being’ alive every single moment of the day. You’ve been told for the past 9-ish months to “make the most of sleep”, “go out while you still can” and the old favourite every expectant parent wants to hear “you can kiss this lifestyle goodbye”. The combination … Continue reading How to remain human as a new mum

The World of Baby Classes

The world of baby classes is something I hadn’t really foreseen pre-baby arrival. Singing lots of strange songs and talking to your baby in a children’s TV presenter voice doesn’t come naturally to me but, for the sake of Jaspers development and social skills, I’ve thrown myself into this life and I’m a little embarrassed to say sometimes I allow myself to enjoy it. So … Continue reading The World of Baby Classes

Kids Stuff

I was conflicted about doing this post because the one thing I feel weird about is making social media a part of my pregnancy/babies life. I don’t know how I feel about “designing” your kid’s life, or creating a remotely instagrammeable lifestyle for your kid. On the other hand I think some kids things are pretty sweet, and I find myself straying into kidswear departments pretty often now that we … Continue reading Kids Stuff