[10 Dreamy Bedrooms]

Picture via Elle Decoration UK ZZZZZZZZ I think I hit the snooze button about twenty times this morning before finally getting out of bed, but it was just so darn cozy! I totally would have spent all day in bed wearing my favorite pajama if I could. So, here are 10 gorgeous bedrooms we can daydream about instead! Which one is your favorite? (via) the … Continue reading [10 Dreamy Bedrooms]

[Baby It’s Cold Outside]

Winter is probably my least favorite season. I’ve been stuck inside so many times when the snow really comes down, I’ve been rained on so much that every bit of me is soaked and I’ve been so cold before I’ve slept in my heaviest knits. Winter fun is limiting…very very limiting. The way I see it, winter fun is limited to two scenarios: 1) You’re inside, … Continue reading [Baby It’s Cold Outside]

[J.Crew has landed!]

Finally it’s here! American’s most popular fashion export: J. Crew launches in London We all know that the British high street is vastly superior to anything the US can muster. Sure, they have Gap, Banana Republic and Abercrombie & Fitch, but we can match that and raise it with Topshop, Whistles, Hobbs, Jigsaw, Jaeger. Yeah – eat that one up America! However, there is one … Continue reading [J.Crew has landed!]

[Sweater Weather]

The temperatures have dropped, there is a real chill in the air now. It’s time to finally pull the jumpers out of the wardrobe.  I love how everything comes alive in the spring but autumn is definitely the best season. It’s also nice not to be sweating the minute you step out the door and the good hair weather makes every woman happy, and probably a … Continue reading [Sweater Weather]

[Antler over ‘ere]

Have you noticed that antlers and animal heads are popping up in homes everywhere? It seems like I see home interior photos everyday that feature prominently displayed skulls, horns, and antlers as decor. Personally, I’m a little fascinated. It seems that animal skulls have risen above the popular notion they are only proper for display in a man cave or ski lodge. I am generally … Continue reading [Antler over ‘ere]

[Home Life]

French Connection have branched out into homewares, with it’s first collection went down a blooming storm. Here are my top picks from the current collection. You can all be reassured that nothing bears that terrible FCUK logo. White ceramic candle holder with the ‘just crumpled’ look of a paper bag. Impeccable centrepiece, on its own or lit with a votive candle. Simple modern table lamp … Continue reading [Home Life]

[Five Hotels That Are Utterly Unique]

Feeling clogged up in the city? Want to close your eyes and dream of incredible climates? Read on for five hotels which will get you packing your bags and booking your flights this weekend… 1. THE WATER DISCUS HOTEL, KUREDHIVARU, MALDIVES Ok this hotel hasn’t actually been built yet, hence the animated images, but they’re in the process of putting it up in stunning island of Kuredhivaru in … Continue reading [Five Hotels That Are Utterly Unique]


Now I don’t know about you, but ever since entering the wonderful world of wedding planning I have spent many, many hours staring longingly at light up signs. There is just something so striking, so mesmerising about having them….they just ooze Hollywood glamour! Top Row Left : The Bridal Detective | Top Row Right : The Bridal Detective | Row 2 Left : Pinterest | Row 2 Right : Rock My Wedding | … Continue reading [Signs]

[Cheap Decorating Ideas]

Unless you’ve mastered the art of dumpster diving, Craigslist hunting, or flea-market bargaining, decorating your home can cost a pretty penny. That custom-cut, teak coffee table? Not in our budget. That retro Eames chair? If only we won the lotto. But just like our outfit choices, our home is another opportunity for self-expression — and, luckily, it doesn’t have to cost a chair arm and a leg. … Continue reading [Cheap Decorating Ideas]

[Pattern & Press]

Last week I spent a little bit of time on Fabric of my Life and was introduced to Pattern & Press, this rather chic personalised website. I normally shy away from personalised gifts, they are a bit hit and miss a lot of the time. But Pattern & Press believe well-thought out design and personalisation can and should go hand in hand, and aim for simply … Continue reading [Pattern & Press]