Street Style Trends – Couture

Attending the couture shows is just as much a game of dress-up as seeing what takes a turn down the catwalk. Here I play style spy to see the top 10 trends playing out on the streets of Paris – from the return of the trophy jacket to continued sportswear hints. Fluff With temperatures plummeting, the fluffy stuff became more than just a decorative style trick … Continue reading Street Style Trends – Couture

A working day

So today has been a little different… Last night I left the office on tender hooks, refreshing WWD around every 5.7 seconds. But I can now, FINALLY and OFFICIALLY announce a little project I have been working on for the past 10 months. Olivia Palermo. THE Olivia Palermo has designed a bespoke Marylebone Tote with Aspinal of London to support her chosen charity ADCAM. 30 Marylebone … Continue reading A working day

Stylish New Years Outfits

Plunging necklines, loads of sparkle, and glamorous outerwear—sounds like a recipe for a New Year’s Eve outfit, right? For the most part, anything goes when it comes to dressing for the final night of the year. You can go all-glam in sparkly sequins or play it cool with only a subtle dash of shine. Either way, there’s always added pressure to have the perfect party look. I’m … Continue reading Stylish New Years Outfits

Real-Life Designer Barbie Dolls From Vogue Paris

  Models Elizabeth Erm and Magdalena Frackowiak transform into crazy cool real-life designer Barbie dolls for Vogue Paris. Each doll is equipped with looks and accessories from our favorite designers like Chanel, Valentino, Gucci and more. Now, if only these were real. Imagine being able to borrow your doll’s clothes and accessories!  Continue reading Real-Life Designer Barbie Dolls From Vogue Paris

Barbie Gal

Did you ever grow up playing with Barbie dolls wishing that your life was that plastic fantastic? You dreamed of a life in the dream house with handsome Ken and drive that amazing pink convertible? I can happily tell you that that life is now possible thanks to Barbie creators, Mattel, teaming up with uber-hip brand Wildfox to create their very own ‘Dreamhouse’ collection. Taking inspiration from Barbie’s wardrobe from … Continue reading Barbie Gal

All About Kendall

Kendall is the Kardashian sibling you need to know about. It’s finally time to blissfully ignore the synonymous tackiness of the Kardashian name and focus on Kimmy K’s little sister – the ever endearing, goddess-like addition to the fashion world: Kendall Jenner. The Jenner sister is blazing the path for modern fashion inspo this year (and with legs like that, who can argue?). We’ve seen Jenner regularly killing … Continue reading All About Kendall

Birthday Haul

I love birthdays, especially mine, and I’m totally devastated that I have to wait another year to celebrate again. But you know, looking on the plus side there is always Christmas to look forward to. I had the best day. Even though it was all planned the day before, it didn’t stop it from being great. Spending it with my best friends and family really was … Continue reading Birthday Haul

Chanel No.5: The Film

CHANEL’s No.5 adverts are always about fashion, fantasy and of course the allure of fragrance, but for the latest iteration by Baz Luhrmann, the story is underpinned by a focus on today’s real women. Though the film’s star, Gisele Bündchen, has a far from standard lifestyle herself, Luhrmann says that the supermodel’s own set of responsibilities represent the balancing act we all undergo on a … Continue reading Chanel No.5: The Film

Advert for Autumn

A lot has happened since I was away. Mila Kunis and Eva Mendes popped out their babies and the totally gorgeous Blake Lively announced she was expecting. Her baby shower pictures look pinterest perfect. For her baby shower Blake rounded up her nearest and dearest to head into the forest to wear plaid, eat cake and tie dye. October never looked this good. Thanks to her … Continue reading Advert for Autumn

Body Inking at its chicest

Long gone are the days of tattoo options being limited to a Chinese symbol meaning peace* or a flower on your hip (yes I indeed have one of these). In fact, tattoo artistry these days is big business and the skill and creativity involved means the internet is awash with creative, clever, poignant and meaningful inkings. If you aren’t already on pinterest, get on board! So if … Continue reading Body Inking at its chicest