Scandi Hoops!

A couple of months ago I organised a super fun influencers event at one of my jobs – ALSO Home. The event was hosted in the super cool ALSO Home showroom in Rudgwick, West Sussex (if you haven’t come visit, DO IT!) and the gorgeous Felicity from LadyLissy Floristry was the expert.

I had got in touch with Felicity a few weeks prior and soundboarded the idea with her, it was something along the lines of;

‘Can we do a wreath making workshop, but minimalist on metal hoops?”

“Yeah I’m sure that will be possible.”

“Like these ones from Pinterest”

“Yup I can do them.”

“Do you have enough eucalyptus to sink a small ship?”

“Yup I can do them.”



Felicity was the perfect person to teach us, she was kind and patient and to-be-honest saved us from making a right pigs-ear of it all (especially me!).

Et voila!

Some how against the odds, we created gorgeous masterpieces with a hell of a lot of laughs in between. Mine is below, top right – i told you i like eucalyptus.





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