Hello Dear Friend

So. It’s been nearly a whole year that I’ve ignored this blog. Mainly because life got in the way, but also because I was in a place where I couldn’t quite see what I wanted to write about.

In May I went back to work 4 days a week and it hit me hard. I remember so clearly dropping Jasper off for his first day at nursery – I thought I totally had my shit together until I left the nursery and I cried my eyes out. Not because I was worried about him being a nursery, but because this was the beginning of the new life, my bubble officially got popped.

Off to work I went, back to a job I used to love and I realised very quickly a lot had changed. The people were different, the management was different. I slipped right back in as if I hadn’t been away, but I guess that was because I never really was away. I started with “Keep in Touch” days within 5 weeks of having Jas, doing 1-2 days work each month to make sure the team were supported etc.

When you have a child, your priorities change, everything is about him. Even if it affects my wellbeing, it affects him. Within 3 months I handed in my notice at work, I didn’t have the patience for it anymore – and so my 9 years working in the fashion industry is done.

I left my job with nothing to go to, no big plan. In my mind, I would rather work anywhere at all than be there for a second longer. It was as if a sudden clarity came over me, I was up to me what the next move was.

Somehow all the chess pieces moved into place and I found my way into two part-time jobs in the world of interiors. More on that in the weeks to come, as I actually have cool stuff to talk about.


So anyway, thats it by means of an intro.

See ya!



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