Christmas is Coming

Whoop! The John Lewis advert is out, Christmas lights are turning on – you can’t ignore it any longer… CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

John and I have NEVER (in the 9 years we’ve been together, 2 of which we’ve been married) had a Christmas together. We always split, he goes to his family home, I go to mine and we squeeze in late night rendezvous in between. It wouldn’t be that much of a problem other than John works throughout Christmas, so we don’t even get the little gap in-between to be a family.

This year is a year of firsts… first baby, first home (!) and first family Christmas together. I was adamant this year, John would be forced to give in and come to my parents house as now we have Jasper, but no no no – he had other ideas. Fair play to him really. So this year, John and I, along with Jasper and Edith will be having Christmas together, in the new house, with a roast I’ve cooked. No pressure. I gave John some ground rules to agree to in order for me to cook on Christmas Day:

  1. We are having beef. None negotiable.
  2. We are allowed to finally go to Santa FirΒ to pick our fresh gorgeous Christmas tree
  3. I’m allowed to decorate as much as I like and with no budget restrictions

Sounds like a good compromise doesn’t it?

So below I’ve scoured Pinterest for some inspiration Β for how in my head our Christmas will be… we shall see what reality is like won’t we?!


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