Jasper John Forrest Davis

Introducing the newest man in my life, the reason while 90% of my time is taken up. Born on the 8th of June, Jazzy J came into our lives and changed it in a way I had never imagined possible.


Looking at these pictures, it’s insane how little he looks in Johns hands. Born at a meaty but manageable 8lbs 3oz, Jasper came into the world crying and peeing all over the midwife – what a stud!

The whole labour thing was mental, but thats for another day! All I can say is the Royal Surrey Hospital was incredible and I didn’t want to leave.


Before you have a baby there is always a concern about how your life will change, will you be able to go to the pub ever again? What about sleep? Will you ever sleep again?! As all new parents we had exactly the same fears but honestly – nothing to worry about. Jasper is the perfect addition, nothing is taken away from him being around. He comes to the pub with us, we still have our own lives, go to the cinema etc. The little chap just hangs out with us.

This little chump is probably going to be popping up on my blog a fair bit, he takes up a bit of time. So if you don’t like babies, I would suggest not coming back. While we are on the subject, if you don’t like dogs, you should jump too.

One love!


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