10 Reasons You Should Never Get A French Bulldog

  1. No room to sleep

If you own a Frenchie you will never get a good night sleep again. They love to be incredibly close, under the covers, and in the most awkward positions and not to mention the snoring, dreaming and farting during the night. They have no concern for your well-being, as long as they are having plenty of kip, that’s all they want.


2. Weather dependent dogs

They don’t like the wind, they hide from rain. Try walking a Frenchie on a cold and wet Wednesday afternoon. Nope. They would rather pee inside or hold for 24 hours. They aren’t meant to be out in the sun long as they struggle with the heat, but they love sunbathing. So you can see the struggle there.


3. Look stupid

Frenchie’s love attention. If that means dressing up and taking photos, they are keen. Before getting a Frenchie you take the piss out of crazy dog people who dress their dog up, when you get a Frenchie you quickly become that person, unashamedly. Their face always looks miserable, meaning when you put a fun outfit on them it looks every funnier.


4. Lack of awareness when it comes to personal space

Along the same lines as No.3. A Frenchie loves humans, and they will never leave your side, unless someone else has food, then they will always leave you. They have no concept of personal space, cooking, cleaning or on the toilet – you can expect the Frenchie to be around.


5. Always dinner for two

Frenchie’s love food, any kind of food. Even things you think dogs wouldn’t be interested in, Frenchies will give it a go. When it comes to cuteness, you can’t really say no to their big eyes. Therefore meal time becomes a family affair.

6. A Frenchie is not a child

Sometimes I forget that I own a dog and not a child. But they are cute, and don’t make as much noise as children….


7. They think they are human

They don’t see why you can do something they can’t do. If you’re on your laptop, they will sit on your lap, paws on keyboard. If you’re in the bath they will try and climb in.


8. Very slow days

Don’t count on having a highly active household with a Frenchie around. Sleep, eat, sleep and sleep some more. If you walk for too long, that rules out of the of the day for sleep time.

9. Frenchie addict

In fact that should be Bulldog addict. As soon as I got Edith I instantly became a crazy dog lady, I’ve become downright stalkerish when it comes to any short nosed, snorting, bully type dog. The only thing I think about is squeezing it to see what funny noises come out! I like nothing more than stopping in the street to talk to a Frenchie and scrolling Instagram for hours looking at Frenchie sites. My favourite pages are @lifeofvi @pepperpupps and @frenchiebutt

10. A Frenchie is not a Pug, or a Boston Terrier 

What are you, a fucking dog racist? Get your shit together. Ok, so maybe there are SOME similarities… They’re all small, short snouted and have ears. However, there are some very distinct features that separate the three. If you want a Frenchie, be aware no one really knows what it is, “Look, there’s a pug with pointy ears!”. Nope.





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