Kids Stuff

I was conflicted about doing this post because the one thing I feel weird about is making social media a part of my pregnancy/babies life.

I don’t know how I feel about “designing” your kid’s life, or creating a remotely instagrammeable lifestyle for your kid. On the other hand I think some kids things are pretty sweet, and I find myself straying into kidswear departments pretty often now that we are expecting one. We are already being asked regularly about what the nursery will look like, which is a weird concept in itself as the little sprog is quite happy in my tummy still.

Perhaps i just need to get over myself, and that’s where this post come in and probably a fair amount after this one! I also find myself physically recoiling from a lot of the kids stuff that’s out there these days, so this is also an effort to show that there’s hope at the end of the neon plastic Disney shaped tunnel.


Baby mobile of dreams


The cutest simple bedding by Ndoto


Macaroni tee because of course…


Dylan the Rabbit

puppets (1)

Paper puppets by Furze Chan


Little bear romper


ABC paper storage bin for toys and such like


All of the Big Stuffed animals are just the best


Wood balancing game by Des Enfantillages (but all their toys are cute)


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