New Year New You…..

Here we go again, that time of year when everyone promises to be a better version of themselves then they were the previous year. But no one ever sticks to it so what’s the point? I don’t want to be a new me, I like the old me!


dribbLast year was equally shit and amazing all at the same time, for those who are close to me know why. I’ve learnt to really value the things that are important in life like your family, friends and of course my husband (and dog!). Without them this year would have been really hard to navigate, with emotions and feelings I can’t say I’ve experienced before. But luckily I can count myself very lucky with the people who surround me who helped me feel myself again and see light at the end of the tunnel.

For 2016 my plan is to do more of the same really:

  • Eat everything that tastes good
  • Understand what’s good for me, but don’t live by it
  • Enjoy myself
  • Appreciate sleep
  • Give unconditional love
  • Support those who have supported me
  • Be grateful
  • Go outside more
  • Attempt minor exercise



Namaste Bitches.


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