What’s next to your bed?

As I’m finally off  work for a few days I can have a quick wind down session. First task (once I climb out of bed tomorrow morning) I will prep my bedroom for the new year, give it a spruce in time for some adjustments in the New Year.

Taking a bit of time off over the Christmas break is just what I need, to spend time with my family and recharge my brain which at this point really is on it’s last legs. I do not have anything scheduled in so I can keep my mind open to nice new ideas and be free for fun things to do.

I was thinking about bedside areas this morning after looking at the current dusty state of my own and I really want to keep it simple – free of clutter and only display things I really love next to me at night.

Here are some really pretty besides to inspire you should you wish to do the same.

Images: the denim dailystadshemavenue lifestyle55kvadratbolagetelle decorationkristofer johnsson photographypassion shakestadshemavenue lifestyle

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