Self-Portrait Addiction


Ever since buying my first Self-Portrait piece, I’ve been totally sold by the brand. It’s luxury but not out of reach, it has fashion clout and it’s super flattering on all types of body shape. Now I know I’m not groundbreaking in what I write about online and if you read my blog I’m pretty certain this won’t be the first time you’ve heard of this brand

Self-Portrait has been on a fast-moving trajectory since launching only four seasons ago. East London-based designer, Han Chong first took a firm hold on the wardrobes of fashion insiders for four very good reasons.

sp6-053-011: His extra-pretty lace and dancer’s mesh dresses were (and still are) perfect for a swanky event. I wore this purple number for London Fashion Week – never have I had so many compliments!

2: No other label has the same sporty-princess aesthetic, and as testament to this, a Self-Portrait piece is now instantly recognisable. It makes you feel comfortable, like the best version of yourself.

3: They don’t cost a fortune in comparison to regular designer gear and you can get them from stockists such as Net-A-Porter which means you get the posh packaging!

And 4: Thanks to lower production numbers there’s the added bonus of you probably not experiencing a same-dress debacle.

Shop it now at

self portrait celebrities_1061x644 self-portrait-style-bloggers_1061x645


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