Secrets to French Style


1. You can’t go wrong with iconic pieces

French women know their way round the iconic items in their wardrobe. Be that a crispwhite shirt, a loose fitting Breton t-shirt or a great pair of jeans. If in doubt, stick to these wardrobe ‘basics’ and it is, quite honestly, impossible to go wrong.

2. Neutrals are key

Sticking to a colour palette will help in creating a uniform look. Those Galllic girls have got it down to a fine art, sticking to neutral tones, with navy, black, white and grey making up the bulk of their wardrobe. This means everything goes together easily, even as things start to fade and wear.


3. Low key beauty

French women have a wonderfully understated beauty look. Skincare is paramount, so that whatever you wear you still look fresh and well groomed. Unbrushed hair is also key, slightly dishevelled thick, shaggy locks will turn the simplest t-shirt and jeans combo into a thing of laissez-faire beauty.

4. It’s all in the detail

The French philosophy of spending more on fewer quality pieces really does pay off. Choose items made of quality fabrics, like rich 100% cotton, cashmere, wool and silk. Instantly your overall look will appear more polished. It’s small details like these rather than big statement pieces that are the key to breathing that luxe, chic aesthetic into your wardrobe.


5. Less is more

To quote the inimitable Coco Chanel ‘before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.’

Minimal, and well chosen accessories have more impact, and will avoid you looking too ‘done’ which is the antithesis to French-chic.



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