Inside Kate Moss’s Life

Sometimes having a little look inside a fashion icons home can be quite revealing. Kate Moss is no exception, who wouldn’t want to know what amazing things she has in her home?

“I always put on Chanel No 5 after I’ve had a bath or before I go to bed. If I’m going out, I’ll layer other fragrances on top.”


“These lightening bolt earrings are from Jamaica; they were a present from Anita Pallenberg.”


“This was a housewarming present from my friend DJ Fat Tony in April 2012. It hangs above the kitchen mantelpiece as a sort-of home sweet home.”


“I’ve got quite into my gardening. Sam McKnight gave me his gardener’s numbers – it was all looking a bit too green and needed some extra colour.”


“My handbags are arranged by: black vintage, black daytime, bling evening, Chanel, colourful daytime and, lastly, simple clutches.. I usually carry a classic Louis Vuitton bowling bag.”


“I collect coffee-table books. Jake Chapman gave me that painting as a wedding present, along with the only surviving piece of his artwork Hell.”


“My Marc Quinn sculpture doubles as a hatstand in Jamie’s dressing room.”


“I have the whole costume from Playboy‘s sixtieth-anniversary cover shoot.”


“My wardrobe is brimming with Louboutins – the classic black Pigalle stiletto in patent or matt black leather is my go-to shoe. I have so many pairs that Christian designed a style with a sharper toe and nail-thin heel, which he named the So Kate.”


“When we were doing up the house to be our marital home, Darren Gayer, a friend from the Supernova Heights days, gave me this original infinity light from Studio 54. I have no idea how he found it, but it’s perfect.”


“Sunglasses are for playing dress-up. I collect anything from the original Ray-Ban shapes through to Seventies Aviators or Eighties mask shades.”


“I love this portrait Mario Testino took of me and my daughter. It hangs in my bathroom.”


“In the summer, when we throw the doors open, we use this unicorn as a doorstop.”


“The Wendy house tucked under the fig tree at the bottom of the garden was here when we moved in.”


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