Summer Swedish Interiors

Sometimes part of me wishes I was Swedish, or really just generally Scandinavian. Their interior trends and taste is unlike anywhere else. They nail colour palettes, simplicity of beautiful design and they always choose the best rugs!

It’s not hard to find inspiration over on pinterest but this sunny lunchtime I have a good ol’ nosey. Below are some of the best.

2e88f504021ed6048ba659844a9c7448e222d7ef8c74df91ac937ec515a53ac6 be5eea48f204ae98df8806e4900da406 d95918342c7d43805aee358b0cffecf1 252464df1f583b2d790f25a185097310 9504c68b7c918fce0fd22a4a4c66dabf 809d7a0ceeb10ed5636b9dd2d123eeb0 51c0595f00505c02e16ab50baa829f1d 03b8c23304d3018ede30481759ecc5fb 2e88f504021ed6048ba659844a9c7448


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