Bringing dogs into the office… yay or nay?

So Emerald Street yesterday got me thinking. Is it okay to bring doggys into the office? When Little E was a pup I used to bring her with me to work every day, walking her every couple of hours with the team. These became the short highlights of our working day, counting down the hours until we got that little break away from our emails, phones etc. Now E’s a little older and J is working closer to home she stays at home all day with lunch time visits from her Dad.

There are two camps as you would expect on this matter. Some get all health-and-safety about pets in the office. What if people are scared of dogs, allergies or worries of the dog going rouge and chewing through bag straps? The biggest thing though, is that people worry that they will be distracting and people need to at least attempt to work. I suppose we don’t bring our mates round on cushions in the corner and demand snacks and petting, so why does the doggy get a free pass?

But then, maybe they haven’t spent a day with Edith.

The best part of my day is heading home, knowing that the greeting I will get: those big googly eyes, the heavy breathing, not to mention the kisses and play time. Now imagine if I could share this joy with my colleagues every single day. I am occasionally able to bring Edith, my French Bulldog with me into the office. She is met with laughter, joy and little cuddles throughout the day. Most of the office pop into our room to chat to her and take a breather from their desks to stroke her or do a short walk. Luckily, she is an attention sponge and soaks up the love.

Edith modelling her new hoodie in the office last week

Granted, I have a small, well trained dog, who is happy to sleep quietly on the floor next to me and basks in the attention of my colleagues. She can happily play with a bottle full of treats or her Kong and just ignore the rest of us. I understand that a work environment isn’t suitable for every dog, but there are many townie pooches who know exactly how to behave in an office, know how to tell their owners when it is time for a walk and add to the collective experience of a work day. She’s the marketing team’s stress ball and, judging by the reaction, the highlight of the working week for many in the office.



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