Mixing it Up

Following on from my current obsession with stacking rings, I’ve got it on good authority that mixing metals is the way to go. At first very hesitant, I now can’t get over my silver, gold and rose gold mash ups.


Break the Rules:

I don’t know why, it was just one of those rules like not wearing white after Labor Day or not showing both leg and chest. Well, times have changed. The clear cut boundaries of years gone by have blurred and vanished! In fact, wearing all the same metal color can sometimes look a bit too “matchy-matchy” and definitely not bad-ass.

 91217b9b55f9e26a7e889bc5c36cafbb a53e8f319efddaa5b9b13e0cfa4151b4

Stacking is Key:

The “stacking trend” lends itself perfectly to the mixing of metals. Stack rings or bracelets in different shades of gold next to each other.



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