Best Spring Wedding hairstyles

The wedding season is creeping up which means I can blog lots about pretty weddings, which we all know I love doing.

When I got married last year, my hair was a bit of a debate. Although I can never do braided crowns, I’ve always wanted one with flowers in my hair like the haute hippie I wish I was.

After scouring Pinterest, I’ve found the top Spring Bridal hairstyles to inspire you 🙂

rue-de-seine-nude-wedding-dress-white-details-580x7871f84f705c5033fb573150f20825adb5f 3d40ee18ef1dcb0aff8df54962dac145-580x7703aca8a17da5ea8636cf7b61c414ce784  7f886518e9788280139dcdfaab404aad6a613232d5716dd87c6462858c4b47c9-580x787  09ed865095141dacb2dfd8b97c73c604 51c5187167865b01947b5faffecda85b 53d37c8c0e931f11e9c5076337f59f77-580x788 241bbfa783da94801a8dae6591ead5ec-580x787 923f0e7b3ab6809c19966078a114b590-e1418055926903 81124c2c809840de789012c266155281  ae7f19a1da580a6d2ea9d34b0523c5fe-580x787 a28aa9082b092d9921b65f9ae7a0711ecd682791c46bc8cffaac7690ce61121cbce22778d963dec23ad71cd58628e6eb-580x583


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