50 Shades of Grey

The perfect transitional colour from Winter to Spring.

Variations of the monochromatic look have been popping up on fashion blogs and Instagram accounts all winter season. Now, matching our blacks is something we don’t care to mess around with, but head-to-toe grey is a different story. Enter the color spectrum: With 50 shades of grey — yes, I went there — it is easy to accomplish a minimalist look without appearing utterly dull and dreary. The key? Simplicity.

Step up your grey game and scroll down for some inspiration!

7dc61e65eb8178f64c9ca7d0d8f9b710 28e185959d33677376a7c868272d64a2 44db6068d6703a6cde1cf968e5c038ba 349c336905f78bfeaf922acdd110333948d932d5bbd3d471271ad3796a671f49 ddd9e4740913d55ecefd18b91a13dbb9079c17cc9423808eaa103ef6c48a48d8 220d6bf6b69fd8c12509c6d1441b6caf  948eec2a79edc72d906a0eb59e5d3ee2 6664b628e670afb35740f65013baa906 9854a8c8ff84cb84d1a383fe77453e74 9854a8c8ff84cb84d1a383fe77453e74678 ab56740e8e4dd328dc271ec0638135fa bbeecffff4b48b766a92cb7b32f053fd c236b51b11f53444ce246cb831fb9ec4  f8acbe0564106329a2c87e85f0bee7ad fdf503100e79d9f4495547224863e107510645bb1936b537ec0cdc4d6de1840e


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