Lunch Time Lust

bellafrued_closeknit_grey01 copy

It’s February don’t you know? That means we can officially harp on about Valentines Day for the next two weeks. Although it has to be said, JD and I have a tradition – it’s card exchanging followed by a Dominos Pizza, without fail, every year. We have birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc to do gifts so Valentines seems a bit much. Let’s be honest, who wants to go to an over-priced crowded restaurant and watch awkward couples either side of you make small talk and hold hands?

But let me be clear here, if JD wanted to buy me a pressie, just because he loves me and NOT because it’s Valentines then I would love this Bella Freud jumper. A gentle nod to the occasion but an all year round favourite, I would wear this to death. It’s about time I got some Bella into my life.

bellafrued_closeknit_grey01CLOSE TO MY HEART KNIT



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