Sort the Stack


82828bc342f198802885c7872cbdb96dI’ve just realised how jewellery heavy my blog has been looking the past couple of days – who knew I would get so into jewellery over the festive season?

So the reasoning behind this beaut blog is because I FINALLY own some Monica Vinader stacking rings. I say finally as I’ve wanted to stack those bad boys for near on 3 years but never really got round to buying any. Luckily good ol’ Santa (AKA the Husband) was clearly fed up of my constant whining and gave it. YAY! Now I can dress my fingers up all pretty and be one of ‘those’ girls who rocks a good bit of bling. fa9d5371540c148602ab95e9d1b7dd2ee820f6d2efa6b33357eecccf310b7856805f96260f0b77d33683fcc01852b7d854c1005b0b12ef0c579c54a0061e7182


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