Barbie Gal

Did you ever grow up playing with Barbie dolls wishing that your life was that plastic fantastic? You dreamed of a life in the dream house with handsome Ken and drive that amazing pink convertible?

WILDFOX_DREAMHOUSE_BARBIE_ (16 of 59)I can happily tell you that that life is now possible thanks to Barbie creators, Mattel, teaming up with uber-hip brand Wildfox to create their very own ‘Dreamhouse’ collection. Taking inspiration from Barbie’s wardrobe from the late eighties, you can buy 12 life size versions of Barbie licensed products including tshirts, jumpers, sunglasses and bathing suits – super cuteeee right?


Creative Director, Kimberley Gordon, says, “As a girl who played with Barbie, the whole collection itself was inspired by my imagination come to life. I thought of what she and her friends would have really worn and saw them as eighties/nineties shabby chic. Barbie was also a woman with so many occupations, so we wanted to show that in the ‘My Resume’ tee.” Gordon adds, “She is all about acting out stories, which is what we do at Wildfox through our models in each campaign. I was thrilled at the opportunity to create a collection with Barbie…visiting the Mattel office was really exciting.”


Brought to life in a campaign shot by Mark Hunter featuring Kirby Griffin and Merethe Hopland, a day at home in Barbie’s Dreamhouse has never looked more fun; from morning workouts and grooming routines, to photo ops with the new magenta Corvette and lounging by the pool.


The whole shoot looks really 80s, with geometric graphics, hamburger prints and cotton candy scented fabrics. The girl (typically) looks just like a Barbie and her buddy epitomises the gorgeous Christie – the kind of sleepover I would love to join in!

This Wildfox x Barbie collection launches in Selfridges today!WILDFOX_DREAMHOUSE_BARBIE_ (33 of 59)


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