All About Kendall

8e7847fd56dc8ab11b33a9a0d8c20a94Kendall is the Kardashian sibling you need to know about. It’s finally time to blissfully ignore the synonymous tackiness of the Kardashian name and focus on Kimmy K’s little sister – the ever endearing, goddess-like addition to the fashion world: Kendall Jenner. The Jenner sister is blazing the path for modern fashion inspo this year (and with legs like that, who can argue?).

We’ve seen Jenner regularly killing it on the catwalks for major designers like Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and Dolce & Gabbana–but it’s in her real life style that the really shows off her ability to dress herself to a T. Kendall and her seemingly superhuman levels of gorgeousness leave a never ending trail of inspiration in her wake – whether she’s wearing Balmain dresses, Alexander Wang tees, or Balenciaga boots, the girl simply doesn’t step out without looking exceptionally fierce.

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