20 Years of Emu Australia


Now I’m going to let you into a little secret. Share a guilty pleasure of mine…

I love EMU Australia boots. I know, I know, they are a love/hate boot but come on… how can you live your life without them? They are the boot I pull on over my jeans when I pop to the shops, when I jump in the car to go to my parents. The boot I pull on on those frosty mornings when you really can’t face putting your work heels on just yet. They are the duvet of footwear world.

No they aren’t the trendy New Balance trainer, the effortless lace-up brogue or the classic Chelsea boot but they are COMFORTABLE, WARM and WATERPROOF. From a practical side of things they are the BOMB!

Now, back to the point.

EMU Australia has been celebrating their 20th birthday throughout October. To commemorate the occasion, they have re-contextualized every single product in their collection, including the iconic water resistant ‘Stinger’ Sheepskin boot that I’ve grown to depend on.

These upgrades are coupled with an explosion of colour across the Stinger Lo Boot. Available in 20 colours, nodding to 20 years of business, the collection comprises of classic, heritage and new seasonal colour highlights.

EMU 20 Colours 2 LandscapeNow like me, you might be surprised that EMU has been around for quite that long! But the brand was born in Geelong, in the heart of Australia’s prime wool country in 1994 when it emerged out of Jackson’s Tannery, a family business established in 1948.

Jackson’s Tannery was one of the first companies to make sheepskin boots on a commercial scale, catering for the local and international surf community since the 1970s.


Throughout the brand’s 20 years history, EMU has invested heavily in innovation and design to create the world’s best sheepskin footwear.image3

Here’s too another 20 years!




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