Body Inking at its chicest

Long gone are the days of tattoo options being limited to a Chinese symbol meaning peace* or a flower on your hip (yes I indeed have one of these).

In fact, tattoo artistry these days is big business and the skill and creativity involved means the internet is awash with creative, clever, poignant and meaningful inkings. If you aren’t already on pinterest, get on board!

So if you are after some tattoo inspiration look no further. Whether you’re looking to declare your love for a favourite book or remember a loved one in a subtle and personal way, these gorgeous markings should provide some inspiration.

* you hope!

2ce1e7beb4801fac4aed30bd2c400541 361x543 361x543v 374x5439 407x543 966x700 arrow-tattoo swedish-smile-tattoo nan-s-tattoo love-tattoo the-last-heartbeats-of-a-loved-one-in-a-tattoo delicate-wrist-tattoo i-refuse-to-sink-anchor-tattoo


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