I’m Back!

The blogs been pretty quiet for the past few weeks but there has been a pretty good reason for it… I was away on holiday, not just any holiday, but my one-in-a-lifetime honeymoon in Mauritius.

A beautiful deserted beach we found after some exploring

So I have decided to treat myself, and torture you, with a completely selfish post about our honeymoon!

The view from our balcony

But I haven’t talked about possibly the best thing about having a wedding, well besides the whole marrying the person you love thing and getting a whole load of interior goodies as wedding presents, and that is the honeymoon! I can not express how happy I am that we decided to wait for 6 months before jetting off on honeymoon. It’s totally worth the wait and means that after the excitement of the wedding has died off, you have something else to turn your attention to and look forward to.


IMG_1911We decided on Mauritius after extensive discussions about where to go. Let’s just say, it was the perfect destination. It turned out to be everything we dreamed of and like no where we had ever been before.


Mauritius is incredible. Looking at these pictures makes me miss it so much. What I wanted in a honeymoon was a little bit of adventure, some relaxation, great food, and of course quality time with my husband. It was the perfect fit for us because it offered the adventure we craved and the ability to kick it on the beach as well.


What we loved so much about our time in Mauritius is that the two portions of the trip felt like completely different vacations. The landscape changed from white sands and crystal clear water to tropical climate mountains and lush greenery. It felt like such a treat getting two different type of holidays in one!


Mauritius National Botanical Garden
Oversized lillypads
Sitting in the sea in the lagoon


I can’t say enough good things about Mauritius. The people were friendly, the food was great, I always felt  safe, and it was the perfect amount of adventure. We spent a day on a catamaran going around the EastCoast to find dolphins, went snorkelling in the coral reefs, visited remote lagoons and visited the capital to take in the spice markets.


The place is dreamy, beautiful, exotic but so easy. Nothing needed any effort and thats what honeymoons are all about. We had such an amazing experience from candlelit beach dinners, to midnight couple massages on the beach front. I mean it’s like nothing and nowhere we have either been.


What to Pack:

People always worry about what to take on holiday and when it comes to packing but it’s really not a worry. Pack plenty of beach/swimwear, one pair of sandals, a good pair of sunnies, a couple of light jumpers for the evening and ample reading material. Our hotel was barefoot bliss with sand everywhere. We only ever wore sandals when leaving the resort which meant one than one pair of shoes is totally unnecessary.

veranda-pointe-aux-biches-hotel-mauritiusI was naughty and took one luxury item and it was my trusted posh passport cover from Aspinal. It makes my passport look trés chic and to be honest, I love that it has my initials on. I’m lucky (from an admin side of things) that I didn’t have to change my initials when I got married – HD remains! But as sad as it sounds, I loved having all my travel pieces together and organised in my travel wallet and the passport cover just added to it. I’m sure JD will argue this case, but I think secretly he liked it too!


Reading material is a big one for a beach holiday. I started with Elle Magazine and two books, and within the first week I then swapped my books for another two and then borrowed another. When laying in the sun other than napping, all I did was listen to music and read. It was so peaceful and relaxing, reading really helped me just detach from life back home.  IMG_1934

A good pair of sunglasses that go with absolutely everything is a MUST. Before I went away I blogged about my excitement around finally being able to wear my new D&G sunnies. As expected I wore them every single day and even though I bought with my another two pairs as back up, they never even got a look in. Black as a base colour means that they really go with everything but the floating gold leaf gives them an edge. IMG_1937

One of my favourite pics from the holiday (snapped on J’s iPhone) is this one of us having discovered a street vendor who make the freshest most delicious juices. He is wearing his classic Ray Ban Clubmasters and I’m wearing the Dolces. The glasses suit our style perfectly and flatter the face. I’ve got a really long skinny face but love bigger glasses so it’s usually a total nightmare trying to find ones that suit but I think these really are the perfect shape.  1782168_10154715292720564_3152861697008444850_nIt feels good to document how epic the honeymoon was but it fills me with sadness that I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to visits somewhere so magical again.

The End.



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