[Jose Romussi]


52474439a5ae2a32645a6992d4c216b4I stumbled across the work of Berlin-based  Jose Romussi on pinterest yesterday and fell head over heels with his collages. He takes a black and white photograph and embroiders over it in beautiful colours and patterns. Of his inspiration he says:

This starts with an image, that inspires me in certain way to do an embroidery that changes it into a  new one. I am always searching for a new sense of interpretation for my pieces. My technique for that is using thread as the medium to merge different time spaces. I am not afraid of breaking a picture, the important thing for me is using  embroidery, a technique not usually used on paper,  to do it on a photograph, because this is a part of the process.

Romussi seems to add a whole new layer of beauty into these images, giving them a new identity and totally different aesthetic concept.

It’s the chance to give this image a new emotion, a new life, a new interpretation of beauty through embroidering.

Pretty amazing idea!

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