I don’t care what anyone says, I love freckles. I never try and hide mine, especially in Summer. They look gorgeous and super cute in this summer-perfect beauty spread with simple lipsticks and bold brows.
Le-Fashion-Blog-Summer-Beauty-Inspiration-Freckles-Lipstick-Halter-Dress-Elle-China-Editorial-Tiera-Dyck-Michelle-Du-Xuan Le-Fashion-Blog-Summer-Beauty-Inspiration-Freckles-Lipstick-Pink-Lips-Elle-China-Editorial-Tiera-Dyck-Michelle-Du-Xuan Le-Fashion-Blog-Summer-Beauty-Inspiration-Freckles-Lipstick-Silk-Top-Elle-China-Editorial-Tiera-Dyck-Michelle-Du-Xuan Le-Fashion-Blog-Summer-Beauty-Inspiration-Freckles-Lipstick-Waves-Elle-China-Editorial-Tiera-Dyck-Michelle-Du-Xuan Le-Fashion-Blog-Summer-Beauty-Inspiration-Freckles-Red-Lipstick-Elle-China-Editorial-Tiera-Dyck-Michelle-Du-Xuan

Photos via: Elle China


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