[Pretty Little Things]

I have four tattoos, four little, delicate, pretty tattoo outlines. Most people go about their daily lives without having any idea of my little secrets. It’s funny because actually, they aren’t hidden at all! There is something quite intriguing about little tattoos, they are feminine, naughty but not obtrusive. I have to say that even though there is this whole “you won’t get a job if you have any tattoos” rule, it just isn’t true nowadays. In fact most people I know have tattoos, including my best friends and husband.

I remember when I got my first tattoo and my dad told me I was the first person in our family to ever have a tattoo (shame on me) – but I’m also the only one to have a degree…soo…..

How times have changed!

I’ve found some totally insipiring beautiful tattoos that I thought I would share today. They aren’t all bad hey?

enhanced-buzz-4463-1366572876-11 enhanced-buzz-7684-1366572235-10 enhanced-buzz-10824-1366572529-2 enhanced-buzz-14747-1366573404-10 enhanced-buzz-27811-1366571770-25 2-Le-Fashion-Blog-13-Inspiring-Delicate-Tattoos-Wrist-Star-Gisele-Bundchen-Via-Vogue-Brazil 3-Le-Fashion-Blog-13-Inspiring-Delicate-Tattoos-Forearm-Text-Via-The-Blonde-Salad 4-Le-Fashion-Blog-13-Inspiring-Delicate-Tattoos-Word-Smile-Side-Andy-Via-Style-Scrapbook 7-Le-Fashion-Blog-13-Inspiring-Delicate-Tattoos-So-It-Goes-Arm-Via-FYTattoos 8-Le-Fashion-Blog-13-Inspiring-Delicate-Tattoos-Finger-Dots-Mara-Hoffman-Bona-Drag-Via-Fab-Sugar 11-Le-Fashion-Blog-13-Inspiring-Delicate-Tattoos-Hope-Handwritten-Via-Ascot-Friday 83c48eeada65f9925fe839b7f65e8162 560991dbd166b0499c7483b710804abb 1614365450c765752d3d91e301e23cd8 a073e160a7d38d8938d9777edcfde249


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