[Wedding traditions you can do without]

Just because your mum did it on her wedding day, and your mum’s mum before that and even her mum’s mum, it doesn’t mean you want it – here’s 5 wedding traditions I am SO over…


Most wedding traditions are traditions for a reason. The gorgeous dress, the first kiss, the once-in-a-lifetime party… They’re all things that no bride would want to miss out on.

But as I found out earlier this year weddings are not a one-size-fits-all occasion – and some traditions just may not fit with your personality or the overall feel of your day. Despite what your more conventional relatives may say, you have every right to cater your wedding to suit your taste. And if that means ditching a few of the more tired wedding traditions, then go right ahead.


1. The bride and groom send off

For many couples, their wedding is the one day in their lives when everyone they love is together at once. So why would they want to leave early and miss out on the fun? I didn’t do the traditional bride and groom ‘going away’ as we wanted to enjoy the end of the wedding. Also, we had people stay over at the wedding venue, and we wanted to be with them to gossip the next morning at breakfast.


2. Traditional wedding invitations

Sending proper invitations on fancy stationery can be a beautiful, classic way to start your wedding off on a formal note. But they can also be a fast way to dip into a huge chunk of your budget – and they can also feel a bit stodgy if you’re planning a more relaxed affair. It’s perfectly okay for brides to ditch the formality of traditional stationery to ensure that the invitations are completely personal to the couple and reflect the tone and theme of the wedding.

Use the invitations as your chance to show your creativity. Ignore what other people think, it’s a wedding invitation, as long as it has all the essential information on it, people can work out the logistics themselves – they are adults after all.


3. The first dance

If you’re a bit self-conscious about your dance moves – or simply uncomfortable in the spotlight – you may want to reconsider the first dance. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling apprehensive or anxious on your big day. We did have a first dance, but could have very easily not had one. We rounded up the guests to kick of the dancing, mainly because we wanted to start the party ourselves.



4. Bridesmaid dresses

The days of tacky bridesmaids dresses are over. Modern brides are choosing chic designs that are actually stylish – and that doesn’t always mean identical styles for each girl or that they have to be expensive. Brides have come to realise that dressing the girls in something that suits, rather than dated OTT designs, works best. They should look and feel stylish rather than uncomfortable and frumpy!


5. The receiving line

Traditionally, the bride and groom would stand at the door after the ceremony and personally greet each guest as they pass by – but this is becoming less and less common. A receiving line can be time consuming and tedious, and doing a formal meet and greet with your friends does have a certain “cringe factor”.

If you do ditch the receiving line, be sure to make time for each of your guests at other points during the day. You don’t have to stress about spending ages at each table, but you should make an effort to at least say hello to that aunt you barely know and your mum’s boring work mates. Then you can spend the rest of the time having fun with your friends – and your handsome new hubby.


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