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091A9918Hello, I’m Hannah Davis. That’s my name, my new name…and something I’m still not used to saying or writing. As I’m sure any of my regular readers know, on the 17th of April I got married to my super handsome best friend. I’ve been as happy as Larry this week as we got all the final pics through from the super talented fashion/first-time wedding photographer Jonny Finch so I can finally write my official wedding blog._MG_4089

The wedding is over – I really need to stop talking about it soon.

The dress is packed away, I’m mid-way through writing my thank you cards and it’s back to reality. I got back to work, had three days of press day, caught up on 1869 unread emails and the wedding seems like a lifetime ago. Luckily I still have the honeymoon to look forward to and blooming moving house! I do like to give myself a lot to do. People keep asking what “being married” is like, if it’s any different to how it was 6 weeks ago when we were just boyfriend + girlfriend.

Yes, it was by far the happiest day of my life, and yes, everything is rose tinted – but that’s just it. It’s being married, being in love (sorry for being soppy) and feeling totally complete. Having a couple of shiny bits of platinum around your finger make you feel invincible. There is someone who will be there for you, through thick and thin. You’re a team.

So here it is, my last wedding post (about my own wedding) with a selection of my most favourite pictures from the day.

Huge thanks to:

Photography > Jonny Finch

Hair + Makeup > Laura Jenkinson

Flowers > Rebecca Tiller (website pending)

wedding pics.003

People weren’t sure quite what to think when I said I was getting married in a pub, but let me tell you know, The Anchor Inn, Lower Froyle is not just any old pub. It is beautiful, set on the outskirts of Hampshire, nestled in rolling fields of yellow rapeseed. If that doesn’t tempt you, the ‘award winning’ pub also serves the most delicious food, has private dining, a perfect outdoor courtyard, giant cherry blossom trees AND 5 country style double bedrooms.

wedding pics.004

Mini Cupcakes > Butter + Cream

Haribo rings on every table - a little nod to the proposal
Haribo rings on every table – I little nod to the proposal

wedding pics.002

My dress was a sample (winner!) by Lisa Redman, a bespoke dress maker based in London’s Notting Hill. This dress was the happiest of accidents, I was never meant to see it. I was trying on lots of designer samples at Swoon Bridal (don’t judge them on their terrible website!) and I had my mind set on what I was after. Slinky, backless, straight to the floor – as close to Jenny Packham as possible. In fact I tried on a number of Packham dresses and they were incredible but since ol’ Middleton stepped out in one, the prices sky rocketed and to be honest I didn’t want anyone to compare my dress taste to the future Queen. 

I tried on lots of the designer samples and nothing was quite right, but then, as I was stepping out of the last dress the sales assistant walked in with a bin bag! I was asked to try on this dress as it had just come in and was my size – they wanted to see how it fitted. Out of the dingy black bag came handfuls of tulle, so much of it I was hysterically laughing at how ridiculous it would look. Then I put it on. My mouth actually dropped to the floor. It fitted perfectly – it suited every inch of me and I happily spun round and round in it. This was it, I was in love with it. Beautifully made, cut to perfection, fitting like a glove and still with a low back! It flattered me without even the help of spanks!

I had to always bare in mind, I’m getting married in a pub. I’m young and my wedding was always going to be cute and DIY – rocking up in a £5,000 Jenny Packham show stopper that K-Middy had previously been spotted in might not have actually been the RIGHT dress (also worth noting I would not have been able to eat, sit or dance in it!). This dress was fun, flirty, cute and oh’so amazing to wear.


You probably know from my ‘Wedding Shoes‘ blog, my shoes were of course Upper Street, the luxury bespoke shoe brand. Being able to choose exactly what heel height, colour and material you want (as well as style) it was a wedding shoe must-visit. Wedding shoes are normally revolting, so being able to design exactly what I wanted was just the dream!

My bridesmaid’s shoes were from Asos, a total bargain in the January sales and their dresses – TopShop. I was very lucky that all my bridesmaids are stunning so to be honest, they would have looked great in a paper bag. I wanted them to have dresses and shoes they were comfortable in, ones they could wear again and I hopefully achieved that.

wedding pics.001
The bestest friends in the whole wide world
One of my favourite pictures – my daddy and I


After a total palaver with my florist (they closed down 4 weeks before my wedding then ‘reopened’ and asked if I wanted to still use them – NO) I found possibly the most talented lady I’d ever met. Rebecca Tiller’s knowledge of flowers and understanding of what I was looking for was bang on. She was at the end of the phone whenever I had a query, she was personable and calming. I like to micro manage things (a work habit) and I really trusted her. I had no idea what exactly she would create with my brief of “pretty, country, pastels – no bling” but I think what she came up with was pretty perfect. I wouldn’t change a THING, and that’s rare for me – and not get me started on my amazing real-flower crown!

wedding pics.006
The Boys

I love that picture of John – I love that he chose to wear a wedding ring. He’s super proud of it and whenever I see him playing with or tapping it on things it brings a smile to my face. I am lucky enough to be a friend of Econe, the amazing jewellery shop based on Exmouth Market in London. Many years ago I did the PR for them and we managed to stay in touch in the years since. Jos (one half of the husband/wife team) is possibly the only man I trust with jewellery. He knows his stuff and knows me and my tastes which really helps. He was the man behind my amazing bespoke engagement ring so it only seemed right that I would trust him with Johns wedding band. I am lucky enough that my late Grandmother’s platinum wedding ring fitted me so I was already catered for. With John’s ring, Jos went through tons of styles with him and was brilliant at getting him used to the whole idea of rings. I always rattle on about how brilliant Econe is and I would recommend them to anyone – even my buddy Laura (who I blogged bout here) got her wedding band from there.

For the big day the boys wore Moss Bros grey 3 piece suits with T.M.Lewin fitted pale blue shirts, Next navy polka dot ties and super stripy socks from Asos. Instead of the tie, John wore a navy skull-dotted Alexander McQueen bow tie from Mr Porter that he loved as soon as he saw it. I’m lucky because John has an eye for fashion, he had his own idea of what he wanted to look like on the wedding day and (although a little too last minute for my liking) he pulled it off. So on the day when it all came together they all looked brilliant – dashing some might say!

Anyway, enough of my typing > here’s my wedding day 🙂

Our first kiss ❤

wedding pics.007wedding pics.008

Scrunchy face, but one of my favourite pictures from the day
Scrunchy face, but one of my favourite pictures from the day
wedding pics.009
Most awkward halerious first dance ever

So that’s it folks, enough about my wedding. I’m going to look forward to blogging about other peoples wedding now I know exactly what goes into planning one 🙂


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