[From “I Do” to “Just Married”]

On June the 15th (5 days after I got engaged) I wrote my first wedding blog. And now, over a year and a half of colour palettes and bridesmaid dresses, cake toppers and mini cupcakes, barns and wedding bands, it’s all over. The wedding has come and gone. The food’s been devoured, the dance floor removed, the flowers gone. Our one-month anniversary is today. Woohooo!

After several requests, I’ve decided to continue with wedding related blogs as well as writing about fashion, interiors and planning my honeymoon. So here I am. Most of the newlywed blogs I’ve seen are about babies, cooking, or decorating–and I promise you this will NOT be one of those blogs. Mine is going to change very little, still covering the same topics. I’m going to start including more Honeymoon inspirations too as I get to work planning our trip.

So to start, here’s some honeymoon inspiration.

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