[Cats + Flats]

Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Balenciaga-Studded-Flat-Leather-Sandal-Via-Vogue Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Celine-Slip-On-Sneakers-Via-Vogue Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Chloe-Metal-Detailed-Slide-Sandals-Via-Vogue

How did I not come across this awesome/adorable cats and flats Vogue story until now?! 

Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Proenza-Schouler-Silver-Sandals-Via-Vogue Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Striped-Paul-Andrew-Zoya-Flat-Pump-Via-Vogue Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Tabitha-Simmons-for-Creatures-of-the-Wind-Leather-Snakeskin-Loafers-Via-Vogue Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Tibi-Hedda-Crystal-Sandal-Via-Vogue

Meow! Head over to Vogue to see the rest.


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