21-612x459 josef-hoflehner-patience-1-612x459 josef-hoflehner-patience-2-600x450 josef-hoflehner-patience-4-600x450


In a world of endless noise on the internet and outside I found myself lost in this calm photo series, Patience byJosef Hoflehner.


Silence, secluded and empty spaces are the main themes of the body of work which was shot from 2006-2013. He chose unique locations as examples of the dynamic between man-made and the natural world, as well as total absence of humanity. These are just so serene, it takes me miles away from my desk.


So ethereal, so dreamy – I just love it. Don’t you?

josef-hoflehner-patience-8-600x450 josef-hoflehner-patience-9-600x450 josef-hoflehner-patience-13-600x450 josef-hoflehner-patience-17-600x450 Patience-by-Joseph-Hoflehner-2-612x459 Patience-by-Joseph-Hoflehner-3-612x459 Patience-by-Joseph-Hoflehner-4-612x459 Patience-by-Joseph-Hoflehner-6-612x459 Patience-by-Joseph-Hoflehner-7-612x459 Patience-by-Joseph-Hoflehner-8-612x459 Patience-by-Joseph-Hoflehner-9-612x459

Source and photos: Trendland & Josef Hoflehner


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