[You can call me Mrs Davis]

Well, I WAS going to take a break from blogging. But now several people have asked me to write about my newlywed life – and I suppose that makes sense: getting married is just the beginning of the adventure.

(Note: Yes, I promise to post photos of our nuptials, but we’re still waiting on the fabulous Mr Finch to send us our photos. The ones I have here were taking by one of our best men, who apparently takes some awesome shots!)


So here we go. The first adventures of a newlywed life.

Step 1: Change my name and embrace all the admin that involves. My family name means a lot to me and that will never change, there is so much history there. But it’s time for a change and I can’t wait to have a nice ‘normal’ last name.

Together with my husband (haven’t got used to writing that yet), we visited the bank to get the ball rolling. First name change done, and it all felt totally fine until I was asked to sign my ‘new’ name. I’ve never struggled with writing or spelling for that matter, but after Hannah D was written I paused and scribbled this new name. It felt totally unnatural. That’s not what my signature looks like, it’s new, it doesn’t look right. So this afternoon while all the shops are shut I’m going to write my new name over and over again until I’m happy with it. Like you do when you’re at pre-school and you love the new boy in class.

To be honest I didn’t realised this wedding-related stuff would go on after the wedding. There is a whole slew of errands we need to take care of. Like changing my name in all the banks, passport office, DVLA, Council, car insurance, updating my name on Facebook (to be fair, this was the first thing I did), creating a new email address and writing a hell of a lot of thank you cards….URGGHHH!

At least this time there is no deadline. So I am going to take my sweet time and relax. After all, I think I’ve earned it! Tomorrow we are escaping to Cornwall for a few days for a mini moon – I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes 🙂


Now that your big day is over, happily ever after can begin…that is, after you’ve written your thank-you notes, merged your money, and maybe even changed your name. Exhausted already?

Not yet….


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