[Table Plan]

The majority of couples still go for a formal seating arrangement and allocate seats to avoid disorganisation. So today I can share with you some tips on how to get those seating plans just right.0b379e9fbd3b1d0e8687f9fb31d4bdcf 2d0af4b1c77ca62d3a03e69de97fe68c

When you begin your wedding planning, it is a rare bride who realises early on just how hard it can be to plan where to seat her guests.

For a start you will probably have had a variety of experiences yourself, some of which you don’t wish to replicate for your friends and family, plus it suddenly becomes a subject upon which everyone has a view and gives advice, whether or not it is wanted.

Luckily I have a very decisive Husband to be to happens to be tres good at placing people.


Unless culturally your guests are simply not used to being allocated somewhere to sit, I would urge you to plan. The most intelligent people often act rather like lemmings at weddings, simply because they want to do the right thing for you and therefore hang around somewhat waiting to be told where to go and what’s happening next.

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That said, you need not allocate each guest a specific seat. Increasingly many couples are choosing escort cards rather than a traditional table plan: each guest picks up a card with their name on which shows which table they are on, but they can pick which seat they sit in.

This is very useful with last minute changes, as you can simply remove escort cards if guests cannot come, or indeed add if they can. There are also myriad gorgeous ways of displaying them.

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