[2014 Top Wedding Trends]

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1. Black Tie Is Back
Let’s clarify: black tie formal affairs never go out of style. However, couples are opting for white gloves and bow ties whether they are celebrating in a ballroom or a backyard. There really is a tuxedo for every occasion.
Tip: Take the guesswork out of your dress code demands by providing your attendees with examples of do’s and dont’s on your wedding website.
Photograph by: Samuel Lippke Studios
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2. One-Bite Wonders
Your guests only have two hands total and one is mostly likely reserved for your signature cocktail. So serving appetizers that require the use of all 10 fingers is just cruel. Bring an end to the awkward cocktail hour juggle and opt for small bites that can easily be enjoyed with one hand.
Tip: Want to serve an appetizer that isn’t naturally small? Work with your caterer to adapt the menu item or create a playful alternative.
Photograph by: Melani Lust Photography
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3. Personalization Please
Adding personal touches to your wedding (from monograms to table names) makes your wedding unique and shows off your personality as a couple. Plus, guests really notice and enjoy the extra attention to detail.
Tip: You don’t need a big budget to get personal. For an affordable option, customize paper cocktail napkins with the name of your first date spot or the recipe to your signature cocktail.
Photograph by: Yvette Roman
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4. Let Your Florals Loose
A wedding isn’t complete without the flowers, and petals are having a big moment in 2014. Add a breath of fresh air to traditional tablescapes and bouquets by playing with more fluid, asymmetrical arrangements.
Tip: Play with proportion. If you opt for a more overflowing bridal bouquet, keep your bridesmaids’ flowers tight.
Photograph by: Hello Love Photo
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5. Diamonds in the Sky
Chandeliers are everything. Don’t have a ceiling? No problem. Hang them anywhere from trees to tents.
Tip: A single chandelier can make a great ceremony backdrop and creates a simple focal point to say I do.
Photograph by: Sarah DiCicco
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6. Shoulder Service
Covered shoulders, from cap to ¾ length lace sleeves, are one of the biggest bridal trends. And as shown by Grace Kelly and more recently Kate Middleton, a little more coverage can be a very good thing.
Tip: If you don’t want to commit to covered shoulders for the entire evening, work with your bridal designer to make your sleeves an accessory that you can remove post-ceremony.
Photograph by: Yvette Roman
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7. All in the Family
Tell the kitchen to forget plating and serve dinner family style. You will be able to offer more variety with your menu, especially when it comes to the sides. Sharing food is also a great icebreaker for your guests to get to know their fellow tablemates.
Tip: If you are having a slightly more formal affair but still want family style service, have extra servers on hand to help assist in the passing of plates.
Photograph by: Anna + Michael Costa Photography
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8. Mismatched Maids
Ok, let’s be honest, it is really hard to find one dress that looks good on every single body type. So why not let your leading ladies have some say in the matter? A lot of traditional bridesmaid dress designers are offering collections that allow for multiple variations on the same general style.
Tip: To ensure your bridal party still looks cohesive, limit the number of styles your friends can choose from.
Photograph by: Lindsay Madden
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9. All that Glitters is Rose Gold
Rose gold has long been popular in jewelry and watches and is making its way to engagement rings and wedding bands.
Tip: If you decide to go with the metal of the moment, selecting a more traditional setting for your engagement ring or wedding band will ensure your bling stays timeless.
Photograph by: Samuel Lippke Studios
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10. Live in Color
With radiant orchid as the pantone color of the year, it might finally be time for pastels and muted tones to take a back seat to their more vibrant counterparts.
Tip: Still a fan of more subdued color pallets? Add a pop of color to your rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch.
Photograph by: Samuel Lippke Studios
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What’s your favorite wedding trend of the year?


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