[the purrfect cuppa]

I love cats. I love cats with hats, cats with missing limbs, cats with multiple personalities. I love all cats, so the idea of a cat café opening in London’s trendy Shoreditch area appeals to me big time! Who wouldn’t want to go to cat café – what can be better than coffee, cake and cats?!

cat_cafe_cnt_21feb13_flickr_ceruleansky_b_646x430So with that in mind, you can imagine how excited I am about Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium opening in London later this year.

At Lady Dinah’s you can pay a cover charge of £5, which gives you entrance to the Emporium and then you can choose from a variety of drinks, snacks and cats to stroke.

The woman behind the new café is Lauren Pears, and she has revealed that she initially turned to crowd sourcing to raise £109,000 for the project. The Cat Emporium is modelled on the cat cafés which are so popular in Japan, where the first opened in Osaka in 2004. Lady Dinah’s will serve vegan dishes and non-alcoholic drinks. But let’s face it: we’re all going for the fluffy kittens.

Dog-lovers, meanwhile, will have to wait a little longer for an equivalent. Brixton’s rival sausage-dog café still has to raise £49,000 before it can open its doors.

Cats 1 – Dogs 0.


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