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As much as I’d like to daydream of my house as being a Pinterest-perfect place, that doesn’t mean every space has to be over-styled. A bedroom is where you should be able to turn all your thoughts off and just be you without any distractions. It’s a room that should feel re-energizing and soothing at the same time, comfortable and practical and clean and light.

Since it’s nearing the weekend, it seems like a good moment to have a look at your current in-house situation and see where you can de-clutter. Piles of stuff in every corner or under your bed blocks the cleanness and openness (or energy, if you want to go there) of a room – and we all know that a clean house means a clear mind, right? So get to work and structure your bedroom! Throw away old things you don’t need or use anymore and that doesn’t hold sentimental value, re-think furniture that you wouldn’t buy anymoreand try to strip down to the basics. These are 10 images that inspire me to get back to the basics and add interest and personality from there. And what’s your current interior mission?

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Basic bedroom styling tips:

1. Choose a neutral base color for your walls, ceilings, curtains and bedding. White works well, and you might add beige or grey – or any greige or liver tone in between those. Stay away from anything bright as this won’t stimulate you to sleep. White is restful, catches the sunlight and optically enlarges the space.

2. Boost a basic bedroom with a few elements that showcase your personal taste. Incorporate art that says something about you, and try to work with a color scheme: like eight framed white photos, a map from your favorite city and an inspirational quote.

3. Add plants to make a simple bedroom feel warmer and more alive. A bunch of cactuses or a banana plant is what I currently have for low maintenance green influences. You can pick those up at local markets, florists and even Ikea sells beautiful bigger plants at a great budget.

4. Choose the right bed. A large bed will make the room look smaller, but if you keep your bedding in white, it doesn’t break up the space as much. Then add structured, printed or colored pillows for depth.

5. Create enough walking space. Store away most items so they will be out of sight and leave space to walk. Especially the entrance of your bedroom and the way to your bed should be clutter free and open.

6. Keep anything that you don’t want to think about in bed out of the bedroom. Work files? No. Old magazines? No. To do lists? No. And since your bedroom is a place to relax and unwind, my advice is to keep all electronic devices out. Just see how you like it without a television and phone there… My guess is that it will make you doze off that much easier.



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