[Fuzzy Finds]

Finally a trend that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. Not quite a fur, not quite a shearling, these new jackets are delightfully cozy and incredibly chic. They are attention-grabbing statement pieces that pair as well with jeans and boots as they do with evening dresses. Make like these style-setters and try this new trend for the winter.  Warm, cozy and chic!

FUZZY-JACKETS-8-612x874 FUZZY-JACKETS5 Kelly Hoppen Book Launch 61bb51d2bbaada2990142a0e003e720c 023682e84d07616e1c1eef7c9230ad98 551381ff5fbd8ddf22a60b632f815e3c 0cdc3d466af71dd2bba5af9eb958939c 0b5c03d00c1909d3eac625b951891fa6 11d32f25fbf26343c8261693bede688d


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