[Wedding Makeup]

As the wedding it creeping up at quite some pace, I recently booked my hair and makeup girl. After going around the houses with lots of other make up artists and being quoted some insane prices, I was recommended Laura Jenkinson by a friend and after seeing her instagram page, my mind was set on her. If she can do that funky stuff on her own face, I’m sure my face would be a doddle!

Now, without wanting to give too much away, I thought I would compile some wedding makeup ideas. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day so every little helps…

Bridal makeup varies, from the Kim Kardashian golden glow, to the lipstick, cat eyes or smouldering eyes – there is a lot of choice!

Image-1-7First up is the red lipstick – the vintage glamour choice. There is a fine line between sexy and cute, red lipstick runs across that line. If you’re going for vintage siren, go red with a strong flick on the eye.

Image-1-8Neutral makeup is a great choice for brides. Making the best version of yourself but without changing your usual appearance. An English rose complexion is created with pinched blush, neutral lips and minimal eye makeup. This particular style also lends itself well to a flicked eye.

Image-1-9Now onto the sexy smouldering eyes – nothing screams get me to bed like a killer bit of eye shadow. It’s the Kim Kardashian of wedding looks, and hey, she’s had two weddings with another one being planned at the moment! It’s all about the sexy eyes, the killer cheek bones and flowing locks.


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