[Baby It’s Cold Outside]

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Winter is probably my least favorite season. I’ve been stuck inside so many times when the snow really comes down, I’ve been rained on so much that every bit of me is soaked and I’ve been so cold before I’ve slept in my heaviest knits. Winter fun is limiting…very very limiting.

The way I see it, winter fun is limited to two scenarios:

1) You’re inside, enjoying a cozy interior watching old movies and hot chocolate, wearing a huuuge knit that constantly slips off your left shoulder and thigh high grey socks. Or a onesie, if you’re really living it up.

2) You’re outside, bundled up in a massive coat and fluffy beanie, keeping oneself warm by kissing your boyfriend under the snowflakes.

Given that we can’t be outside in the snow kissing forever, I’ve decided to turn my home into a little winter grotto. I’m talking about a log cabin – candles, pillows, stacks of food, rugs, antlers, suitcases, old books and maybe an old globe.




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