[J.Crew has landed!]

Finally it’s here! American’s most popular fashion export: J. Crew launches in London

We all know that the British high street is vastly superior to anything the US can muster. Sure, they have Gap, Banana Republic and Abercrombie & Fitch, but we can match that and raise it with Topshop, Whistles, Hobbs, Jigsaw, Jaeger. Yeah – eat that one up America! However, there is one glaring exception and it’s just arrived on our shores to shake up the status quo. You may have heard of it – say hello to J. Crew.


America’s high street juggernaut, J. Crew, has finally arrived on Regent Street! Having given them Topshop back in 2009, we’re finally getting a fair swap. No longer will we have to find excuses for shopping expeditions across the Atlantic or wait for the latest drops at Net-a-Porter. We can finally put ourselves into the red much nearer to home – which is nice.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 14.21.00

So, what is so exciting? Well, it offers something a little bit different to our favourite British stalwarts. No one currently combines wearable yet fashionable with quite the same finesse and broad appeal – from the clashing prints and textures to one-shop stylish basics.

It’s less scarily trend-driven than Topshop but makes more of a statement than the classic offerings at Whistles or Hobbs, a definite must-visit.

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