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I’ve seen these pictures pop up on a couple of blogs now. It’s a series of pictures taken by Russian photographer Murad Osmann, of him and his (super hot) girlfriend Natalia travelling around the world. Genius idea and beautiful execution. You can follow them around the world on their Instagram here.

austria 4f9bf774662c11e2ab4322000a1fa430_7 6a461e08a6c611e29a0922000a1f8c1a_7 6dcf230a64a211e2a0a022000a1f968b_7 07ed874262ff11e2a9dd22000a9e29a7_7 38c3d9aae17911e1b5561231380f91a6_7 887b106a037111e38d3d22000a9e17ac_7 07367e3a211911e29b7122000a1e8a91_7

Source: @muradosmann



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