[Dream A Little Dream]

vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-1 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-3 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-4 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-5 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-6 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-7 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-8 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-9 vogue-uk-october-2013-georgia-may-jagger-by-venetia-scott-10

Source: Visual Optimism

Vogue UK October 2013

Ph: Venetia Scott, Stylist: Bay Garnett, Hair: Tomo Jidai, Make-up: Sharon Dowsett, Model: Georgia May Jagger

Beautiful editorial, whimsical. If only it was spring now, I would be getting married… GULP.


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