[Freshly Flowered]

0f3c1651d7478fb51f05a72779fa61c7 1lowres8 4e34509b5c9eea940af1d655917f7066I love flowers on a shoestring. Using a mix of differently shaped and sized glasses and jars – a mix of square, round and big and small glasswork is what makes it a playful composition. For flowers, go seasonal and mixed. Try bunches of small little bouquets you can either place in one jar, or split into a few. Not very much money and you have a fresh, unique flower arrangement that completely livens up a table or corner in your home. 52a309d87cd2b2221aa9ec750721278d e5cc089e1f25a1f04b1574cceb0fe542 e83e571e73a00b3a7ca6f8316eb9fb10


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