[My Best Friends Wedding]

“What I mean, when I say annoyingly perfect, is that there is nothing annoying about her perfection. It’s vulnerable and endearing…”

– Julianna Potter, My Best Friends Wedding 1997

798384_661037820587305_2008778626_oExactly a month ago, on the 30th of August, was one of my best friends wedding and I would like you to meet her.

Her name is Laura and she’s one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen.


It’s pretty strange for me writing about my friend’s wedding, a wedding I was bridesmaid at and my fiancé was best man. It gave me a bit of a reality check on how amazing, beautiful and emotional weddings really can be.


Laura and I are friends from University, we lived together after uni and she met her new husband (!), my fiancé’s best friend, on my 21st birthday. I’ve seen her change from being a grotty student, dressed head to toe in American Apparel spandex – to the worlds best wife. I’ve watched her learn to cook, attempt to drive (still getting there) and fall totally in love with someone.

Laura got engaged on her birthday in Brighton, on the beach they first met. I had been speaking to her all day, documenting the nightmare journey down to the coast they were having and how strange Mark had been about trying to find napkins for his dirty hands. When she called me in tears at about 3 o’clock I stopped dead in the street and simply said “What’s he done now?!”. I was asked then and there to be a bridesmaid.

Planning a wedding is a lot like being a dictator: You have to be charismatic, firm, organised, ruthless and prettier than all the other bitches. Sometimes all this can change normal girls into monsters. They want everything to be perfect, and most brides like to call the shots when it comes to their special day. But if your lifelong best friend resigned from her post as maid of honor, and the 7-year-old flower girl is breaking out in hives from the stress of throwing petals at your feet, you need to take a step back – that’s bridezilla territory. I read a lot about bridezilla’s while writing this blog and hearing about other meltdowns and I have to say I spent months waiting for the bridezilla moment to happen but Laura was possibly the most chilled out bride I’ve ever known. Yes there were occasional frustrations, table planning and slack RSVPing were irritating, but she struggled on through with a smile.


I spent the days preceding the wedding with Laura and our joint bessie mate Ciara in her hometown of Bath, checking flowers, counting jam jars and doing practise walks down the aisle. Everything ran so smoothly, Laura just looking forward to seeing Mark and the end of the aisle. So refreshing and relaxing.

Now onto the stunning bride on her big day. Laura, like me, is an ex-fashion PR. We went to fashion school, it was always going to be a beautiful day and her dress was always going to be a show stopper.

923395_661037053920715_376927452_n1271567_661036943920726_1833325571_o 1294578_661040350587052_1664997561_o1270719_661040397253714_214764983_o

Laura’s dress was created by Evangeline Rose, a quaint bespoke bridal shop in leafy Godalming. Because of her petite frame she always what kind of dress she wanted and it was so nice seeing something fit her so perfectly. Her style, all her details… it was just amazing. Of course the shoes should be mentioned – pink suede and glitter Miu Mius from Net-a-Porter.

1237213_661037003920720_2115275038_o 1265687_661036913920729_1293293975_oBeat that one!

Being at this wedding, walking down the aisle towards my fiancé, was a big wake up call for me. I have so much to do, I have so much stuff  to start working on to even cover the organisation skills of the new Mrs Beasley. I have just over 6 months to go now….. *gulp*.

The Beech/Beasley wedding will be featured once again on the blog when I get some ‘wedding tips’ from the new Mr & Mrs but until then, here are a couple more pictures 🙂

1272368_661037307254023_355934722_o988647_10151882631954430_170153836_nAll professional photos were taken by the incredibly talented Tom Smith.


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