[Iconic Movie Couples]

Everyone remembers their first love – but we’ll also never forget the love stories we learned about in movies. Whether we spend our lives searching for these romances or just love to let them melt our hearts, we all have our favourite movie couples.

Remember being swept up with Rose and Jack’s whirlwind affair on board Titanic or watching Brad and Angelina’s real love unfold before our eyes in Mr & Mrs Smith? (We know that you wanted to try the upside down Spiderman kiss too.) Relive all of your favourite on screen romances with the Marie Claire rundown of the 25 most iconic movie couples.

Allie & Noah – The Notebook


“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” This is when our true love for Ryan Gosling began, in The Notebook. The story of Allie & Noah, who enjoy a fast-paced summer romance, is both exhilerating and heart-breaking. The 1930s costumes make for an extremely iconic backdrop to an utterly convincing romance while we watch them lose themselves in giggles and smiles throughout. So cute.




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