[Antler over ‘ere]


Have you noticed that antlers and animal heads are popping up in homes everywhere? It seems like I see home interior photos everyday that feature prominently displayed skulls, horns, and antlers as decor. Personally, I’m a little fascinated. It seems that animal skulls have risen above the popular notion they are only proper for display in a man cave or ski lodge.



I am generally not an adopter of trends, I tend to stick with the classics I know and love, but this one I have been unable to resist. My wonderful Norwegian friend brought home some naturally shed antlers that her dad had hunted (yes that happens still in Norway). She popped the antlers up in the hall way of her kitsch abode and ‘hey presto’ I fell in love.

For now I’m going to have look after my antler ring until I can get myself the real thing.

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One thought on “[Antler over ‘ere]

  1. I made the reindeer cupackes last Christmas for my son’s 2nd grade party. They were a huge hit and now all the moms think I’m soooo crafty, lol. I used pretzel M&Ms for the nose to avoid nuts. These were so easy and my son was able to help me. Use a small dab of frosting to hold on the eyes and nose 🙂 Thanks!

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